The secret is in the hair….

Or maybe the lack thereof.  So is it Sinead O’Conner sighting, nope it is in fact former pop star Britney Spears.  Apparently she was seen in a tattoo parlor with her head completely shaved bald….*enter huge amounts of sarcasm* Oh my, what ever will we do? How can the world survive if Britney is bald? Is it because she was in rehab? Maybe she is doing crack? WHO CARES!

I bring this story up because a bit earlier this evening I decided to take a look at to see what was in the news and of course the story of Britney Spears shaving her head completely bald was one of the top couple of stories. Are you kidding me? There has to be more important things going on in the world or this country, heck even this state or city, that are more important than that. Sometimes, well usually pretty often, these big news networks really seem to have their heads stuck in La-La Land. The scary part is that large masses of people refuse to think on their own and live in La-La Land with them….

Oh well…enough ranting for the night. I need some sleep.

Oh, and in case you want to read the story or see a picture of bald Britney, the link is right here: Bald Britney Story on


2 thoughts on “The secret is in the hair….

  1. I know what you mean. All i get to watch at work is CNN. For the ENTIRE last week all I heard about was who would be the “winner” of Anna Nicole Smith’s baby or the recall on Con-Agra manufactured peanut butters starting with the serial number 2111. On a new note today, Oscar Meyer and Louis Rich’s listeria-contaminated chicken breasts were recalled. Everyday a “better” story emerges from the depths of tabloid hell.

  2. Yeah I got a kick out of the whole Anna Nicole Smith thing. The best part about it all is how the whole time all of these disputes were going on over her body and who the real father of her baby is and all of that, her dead corpse was sitting in a morgue somewhere just rotting away more and more by the minute because they couldn’t embalm it since they still needed to get DNA samples and all of that. I hate to say it but I was almost hoping that the whole mess would go on for like a year or so, so that by the time it was all done the body would be just totally rotted away. Maybe that would teach a lesson to these people and show them that it probably is best to just deal with what happened and move on, instead of arguing over a dead body an then just letting it rot away.

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