Last night found us at the theatre with a good friend, watching Norbit.

In case you don’t know, Norbit is Eddie Murphy’s newest film. I hadn’t really seen a whole lot from him lately but then he had a role in Dreamgirls and starred in this movie. So what is Norbit about?

Well, I guess overall it is basically a romantic comedy about Norbit, who we meet as a baby at the orphanage. Norbit sort of reminds me of a Steve Urkel kind of guy, only not as annoying. Norbit is raised by Mr. Wong at the orphanage/chinese restaurant. Mr. Wong is full of crazy sayings and really is there just to throw in some zingers now and then and play a father figure. While at the orphanage Norbit becomes close buddies with Kate and eventually they get married. Well, not really, they are only like 8 or 10 years old and they say that they “are now husband and wife” under this big oak tree, while placing the big candy rings on each others fingers. He gives her watermelon, she gives him green apple. Long story short, things are going great for Norbit and Kate, until she gets adopted. Norbit is crushed of course but keeps on. That brings us to gradeschool where Norbit meets his actual wife, Rasputia. She is a big hefty woman that saves Norbit from two other boys that are administering a beatdown on old Norbit.

Well that covers the first 5 minutes of the movie…..the rest I will leave you to enjoy for yourself. To sum it up it is basically the struggle Norbit has with his wife Rasputia and when Kate comes back into the picture the drama, and the laughs, start. Oh yeah, in case you didn’t already know, Norbit the nerd, Rasputia the hugely fat dominating wife and Mr. Wong the crazy old chinese guy- they are all played by Eddie Murphy.  He shows a great range and plays each character so that they are totally believable.

Bottomline, go check it out. It wasn’t anything ground-breaking new or absolutely side-splitting funny, but it was a very good and solid movie. A great mix of jokes, gags, pranks and humor to go with a rather predictable romantic comedy story-line.


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