Epic Movie

It wasn’t really all that epic.

In the same mold as the Scary Movie series, Epic Movie sets out to parody some of the recent block buster smash hit epic movies. They take on films such as The Chronicles of Narnia, X-Men, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, etc….

To sum it up nice and neat for you here. I liked the concept, as I have with the past movies, although it is a concept that is pretty tough to pull off anymore. It’s been done many times and probably never as well as the first time with the original “Scary Movie”. I was mildly entertained throughout the 85 minutes of the movie and there were a couple of scenes worth a laugh, but overall it just missed the mark. The best part about this movie for me was the “Where’s Waldo” effect, which is just sitting back and trying to identify each and every movie that is being parodied within this film.

Bottom line….Epic Movie is not really that epic….worth a rental, but see something else at the theatre when you go.


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