A few questions for you?

I was thinking about what to write about this evening and to be honest, my brain just wants to sleep. Been one of those “feeling like crap, headache, not really with it” days so please bear with me.

Anyhow, I was looking over a few of my previous posts to see if there was anything I needed to follow up on and there was only one thing I  saw that I should follow up on a bit and that is we have received the official word that HCC has in fact suspended the football program indefinitely, which is a whole can of worms I won’t get into again. I said my peace and will leave it at that so we don’t start beating the proverbial dead horse here at 150 North. Life goes on although sometimes not the way you would prefer it to go….such is the way of things.

The only other thought I had while glancing back at my previous posts was that recently I have posted quite a few movie opinion and feedback on the movies I have been seeing lately. I love movies. I worked at the theatre for about 5 or 6 years and there are times I miss working there a little bit just because it allowed you to be really on top of all the new shows coming out and all of that. Although at this time I am still enjoying the perks of working there, including free movies/pop/popcorn, without actually having to work there. That is a pretty sweet deal and I am very thankful and appreciative to my former boss, QB herself, Stacey.

Anyhow, back to the main topic here. I have just a couple questions for you.

#1) What movies have you seen recently(within the last year) that you just loved?why?

#2) What movies have you seen recently (within the last year) that you absolutely hated?why?

#3) What upcoming movies are you really looking forward to seeing?

This is my favorite question because we all have to base our answers on nothing more than what we have read or seen in previews, etc… It is fun to go back after the movie has actually come out so we can see if we were accurate at all in predicting a good movie.

Anyhow, those are the questions I wanted to ask so please answer any/all here in the comments!


3 thoughts on “A few questions for you?

  1. I maintain that the best movie that has come out on DVD within the past year has been “Rent”. Who knew the guy from Law & Order could sing?!?! And really, really well! As far as new movies… who knows. I need to FIND a movie theater down here before I can comment on anything new.

  2. I still haven’t seen that movie, will have to check it out.

    I think the movie I am looking forward to the most is of course Spiderman 3. Should be awesome. Then also I am looking forward to the new Fantastic 4 movie, Ghost Rider and then new Harry Potter. Boy I sound like a geek, haha, oh well. I know there have been some previews on some movies we have seen recently that looked great also, but I can’t remember any titles right now. I need to start writing those down right away so I remember them!

  3. Okay honey…I will comment just for you. I would say some of the good movies we have seen that I like are The pursuit of Happiness, We are Marshall, and Night at the Museum. We did see that Children of Men which all I have to say is that was an INTERESTING movie and I didn’t like the ending. As for movies that I am looking forward to seeing Because I said so, The queen(maybe), Ghost Rider,The astronaut farmer, Breach also looks good. Of course you have all the other Marvel ones coming out too that look very good. Love you honey!

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