In other HCC News…

I have been asked to serve as a member of the Curriculum Advisory Committee again this year. Our annual meeting is coming up at the end of February, which should be interesting because by then we should know the fate of the Football Program. I am very curious to see if it is going to cause big changes in the program. I should clarify here. This is the Curriculum Advisory Committee for the School of Business at HCC. That includes the Business and Administration programs as well as the Sales and Business Management programs. This will be my 5th year serving as a member of this committee, so I am pretty pumped about that.

Meanwhile, ha-ha I just love saying that. Meanwhile, I have not heard anything further about the fate of the HCC Football Program. There was some local news coverage both on TV and in the Paper’s but nothing that we had not already heard. There were a few great points made in one of the newspaper articles. An instructor at HCC, Mr. Brown I believe, spoke at the meeting the other day and basically reinforced what I was saying here. He agreed that the low GPA was a problem, but also that there are ways to correct that without having to cut the program and punish those who are doing well and working hard in order to play. I guess it all boils down to what good old Mr. Simberg decides to do.

It’s unfortunate though because I feel like he has already made up his mind, as April said in the comments, and he is just basically going through the motions trying to make it look like he wants the community involved and all of that.

There was one statement made during the meeting the other night that really seemed telling to me. I can’t remember if it was Mr. Simberg or Mr. Sertich that said it, but the statement basically said that “Provost Simberg has kept a close eye on the grades of students in the football program for the last five years, and he has seen them steadily decline to a point of unacceptable levels.” That is not the exact quote, but a summary of what was said. Now the problem I have with all of this is if Mr. Simberg really has been sitting back and watching the GPA’s continue to fall and he never said anything or did anything to correct it, he is the only one that should be held accountable. Well, I’m not saying that the students shouldn’t be accountable as well, but as far as making sure steps were taken to correct the problem….it’s all in Mr. Simberg’s lap.

Here is a pretty good analogy. If I am the head of a big construction company and I keep a close eye on my employees performance, only to notice that little by little every day they are getting more and more sloppy with their work. Well, when that day comes and the work is at such a poor quality that the house they build falls down a month after they build it, injuring or killing the family living inside, do you really think that the only ones responsible in that situation are the workers? Of course not, I would be just as much responsible, if not more so because I saw the performance degrading steadily but I did nothing about it. So why should it be different for Mr. Simberg and his staff at HCC?


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