I know I’ve been lazy…

It has been a little while since my last post, I apologize. It’s not that nothing interesting or fun has happened lately, but more that I feel like I have just been constantly on the go and haven’t really had a chance to get things moving here on the site again since we have completed the move.

Plus anytime when I get a few free minutes it seems like it is spent on Flickr.

So long story short, I have made it a goal to start taking time at least a couple of times each week to make regular posts. Hopefully get back to some fun topics, generate some conversation here in the comments and get the interest level going again. If I start slacking again, GET ON MY BACK ABOUT IT! haha

Most recent notable things that have happened, hmmm…..the one that just keeps jumping out in my mind is how a lovely WalMart cashier proceeded to basically rip me a new one on sunday evening because I (are you ready for this???) I had the nerve to buy a nice fresh, juicy tomato that did not have a little sticker thing on it. She had nothing better to do than tell me how much I screwed up and how next time I need to make sure that I pick one with a little sticker on it. *GASP* How dare I buy a tomato that in my opinion was the ripest, freshest, juiciest tomato on the shelf, thank you very much…. I felt like telling her….well, nevermind that. But that is the one thing that keeps resurfacing on my list of “notable” things that have happened recently.

See you back here very soon!


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