Whew…almost done

What a crazy couple of weeks. I had 11 days off from work, including weekends and the holidays, but I feel like I have been on the go about 1o times more than I am when I am working! Our hectic schedule included traveling to southern MN for Christmas weekend which was a lot of fun, yielded some great pictures of an ice storm they got the night we were driving there, and gave us a grand total of about 14 hours of driving. That wiped me out…my back just isn’t up to that stuff still. Then we came home only to spend the week packing and moving, unpacking and cleaning. Of course we had some nice weather during the week which would have been some great photo opportunities also, but alas Mom and Dad’s teachings of “work before play” won over.

Now that the New Years weekend is here we have been busy finishing the move and trying to visit with Omega’s family that have come up over the weekend as well. And to top it off, we missed out on a “White Christmas” but we have certainly recieved one heck of a “White New Years”!

Well I am off to enjoy a bunch of Lasagna! Happy New Year!


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