I admit it….

Well, tomorrow is the big day. Not for me, but for my lovely wife Omega. She gets to experience another first and it doesn’t involve me at all. That’s right, while I am at home relaxing she gets to enjoy her very first Minnesota Vikings game ever, without me….She gets to go because of her work and I am very excited for her! I hope that the old Vikings can pull out a win against the J..E..T..S.., Jets, Jets, Jets so that she can have a great time watching a win! Even though I am very happy she finally gets to go, I admit that I am at least a tiny bit bummed that I couldn’t take her to her first game. But then again, I have been able to attend 2 or 3 games in my life and she wasn’t there for those so I guess it is ok! 😉 The wierd part is that I was going to buy us tickets for a game this year and when I went online to order and saw how high the price was for a ticket, even in the nose bleed sections up in cheap seats-ville, I just couldn’t swing it. And here she gets to go for free…must be rough! Just kidding!

I hope the trip goes well, safe and easy travel as well as a truly fantastic game! Have fun honey and I will watch for you on T.V. , Go Vikings!


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