I’ve been published…well sort of!

Yesterday at some point I recieved an email from an online news website that was asking permission to use one of my photographs in one of their stories. I was a little unsure about it but I spoke via email to the sites’ Director of Contributor Relations and I came to terms and agreed to let them use my photo in the story.

I am pretty excited about it because it is the first time that someone has contacted me about using my work in any sort of publication. They have a pretty nice site and I think that they are only going to grow and get larger, so it is a great opportunity to get some more exposure for my work, which will hopefully get things rolling so I can begin to build a base of people that are interested in my photography, ultimately to the point that it will turn into gaining customers willing to purchase my photos.

 The link to the article specifically is here    The Low Tech Life

 The website is called “Now Public” and can be found here ,

 as well as by the link on the right side of the page. I encourage everyone to visit the site, it is nicely done. I will do my best to keep posting updates whenever any of my other photo’s are used, but just in case be sure to check there from time to time and keep an eye out for any of my photo’s!


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