Two Brothers Meet

Just a quick snapshot of the new baby. There will be many more to follow I am sure! This was taken within the first 20 minutes after Lucas was born.

 As you can see, Caleb was already embracing the role of “Big Brother” by trying to soothe his new little brother, Lucas Robert.

Take note of how tightly Lucas is holding on to Caleb’s finger! I love this shot and for the record, all credit goes to Omega. I wasn’t even at the hospital yet, but she was there with her camera at the ready! So if you like the shot, tell her so in the comments!

The brothers meet

Caleb lets Lucas know that everything is ok, his big brother is there to look out for him. They seal it with their first handshake.


3 thoughts on “Two Brothers Meet

  1. Thanks honey I appreciate the recognition for the shot. just a side note when caleb first put his finger in the baby’s hand Lucas became quiet so Caleb thought it was neat that he could help calm him down by letting him hold his finger. what a special moment!!!

  2. This is a really cute picture, Omega! And thanks for the email the other night. I’m still really disappointed about not being there, but at least I’ll see you all this weekend:-)

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