While at the local WalMart the other day with Dad, we walked by these.


Some nice tasty oranges of some variety. That was until I spotted this…..

Moldy Orange

Mmm….tasty mold to ruin any thoughts of purchasing an orange for a snack later that night.

Now that I think of it, WalMart also gave me another funny cell phone photo opportunity just a few nights prior to the oranges.

Omega and I were there and when we left I needed gas so I pulled up the the WalMart Gas Station place and spotted this sign/sticker on the pump.

No Prepay

Well isn’t that nice of them. They trust me to pay for my gas after I pump it, or do they? Right next to the pump was this sign….

You’re being watched

Seems they don’t really trust us after all….I love finding this stuff while I am out and about!




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