A moment of congratulations is in order!

I wanted to take a moment here to give a big pat on the back and nod of congratulations to Than! Here are some kind words from Carol A. Overland of the Overland Law Office — Utility Regulatory and Land Use Advocacy. *A fellow WordPress blogger*

Hooray! Another edition of the Grand Rapids Herald Review hits the streets. Than Tibbets is going for “Reporter of the Year” award, and by the time he’s through this grist mill called Mesaba, maybe more! He’s the one up there who does the digging, who actually READS these piles of testimony and documents, and then digs a little more, talks to the people involved.”

Some very encouraging words for you Than, keep it up!

If you want to read the rest of the article it is found here at legalectric.org

The title of the post is

“Excelsior’s Mesaba Project Exposed”

Again, great work Than. My hat’s off to you!


2 thoughts on “A moment of congratulations is in order!

  1. Congrats Than…he’s like a bulldog. He had a “secret project” he needed some professional insight from me on and he just kept digging and digging, into something I thought would have been so far over his head, but he forced himself to understand everything. My parents, being they live in Grand Rapids, always comment on all of his articles and how much they look forward to the next edition to see what he has to say next. Congrats buddy!

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