Now that’s a lawn ornament!

The king of all lawn ornaments! I drive by it just about every day on my way to work. The first picture is a close-up for detail and the second is to show just how big it is compared to the person’s house and the nice big pick-up truck in the front yard.

Pink Elephant 1

Pink Elephant 2




7 thoughts on “Now that’s a lawn ornament!

  1. I don’t see why anyone would have a problem in your apartment complex with a huge paper mache pink elephant right outside your window…seems like a no brainer to me. I think everyone should have one of these.

    There are some wierd things in this town, including the road/driveway just a few blocks away from this lawn ornament that has a mailbox with an address reading “Toilet Town Road”… interesting indeed!

  2. Just a fun little tidbit of info: the city forced the toilet poeple to remove the majority of the toilets from their yard due to the impact that the finish has on the groundwater. Just thought I’d share some of my Grand Rapids knowledge. Also, that elephant (with some recent repairs) has been in existance for over 85 years. Little fun facts I figured you should know.

  3. cool to know…that is what I do here at 150 on fun little historical tidbits! haha

    And just for the record, you did correct yourself on your spelling of “people” however I don’t think that “spelt” is a word! I am thinking you meant spelled. haha, just giving you a little crap!

  4. You should have seen the elephant a few years ago. It was horrible. I think both tusks had fallen off and the pink color was a nearly gone. I think if they’re going to have such a ridiculous lawn ornament, the least they can do is keep it looking, well, not like crap for lack of a better word.

    This is Keri btw.

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