Deer Season 2006 Recap

Well as promised, here is the timeline and breakdown of this years deer season.

Opening weekend-

I shot my buck and small doe on Sunday Morning then on Sunday evening my uncle Donny shot a nice 8 point buck.

1st Week-

My cousin Matt shot a small doe basically right in his yard and his dad, my uncle Kenny shot a nice 6 point buck.

2nd Weekend-

Saturday morning my uncle Mike shot the odd buck with the one long spike on one side. Sunday afternoon Mike shot the doe with his son Marshall. Sunday evening my cousin Jake shot the other odd buck with the one spike growing straight down the side of his face behind his eye.

2nd Week-

My Grandpa shot 2 small does, one earlier in the week and one later in the week, and Dad shot his big doe as well. I have a picture of him with his doe just a little below.

That is the breakdown as far as this season. As I said in the earlier post we had a pretty good season, not as many bucks as we would have liked but it was hard hunting this year and everything was really spread out with no real spikes or peaks in the action. But like I said, it was a lot of fun and even though it was hard hunting it was one of the most memorable hunting seasons that I remember for quite a few years. This season produced some great memories, including my Grandpa explaing how he used to be a “mean man” but now he has just “mellowed out” as he has gotten older. That will be probably one of my favorite memories for a long time.

So the tally for the year is 5 bucks and 6 does.

Here is Dad with his big doe he shot!

Dad’s Deer


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