The Closing of Another Season

Just gonna leave a quick wrap-up here now that the season is finished.

For our hunting party of 9 people we ended up with 11 deer.*actually, I miscounted and there are 10 people in our hunting party. My mistake!

Pretty successful season, although there didn’t seem to be much action. It was all pretty spread out and seemed like it was tough hunting this year. It was great fun as always, but I have to say in some ways I am glad it is over. It really was starting to wear me out, I think mostly because of my back. I would have liked to have a chance at the big boss buck from last year again, but he was never even spotted by anyone in our party this year. Hopefully he made it through and I will see him after season or next year. I plan on doing some post-season scouting here probably next weekend to see where they have been camped out, so as I find out more I will keep you updated. I will have one more post coming this week with a somewhat detailed breakdown and timeline of the season as far as who shot what and when.

For now though, this hunter needs a little shut-eye.


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