Whitetail Oddities

Well the famous “2nd week of deer camp” is upon us and the 2nd weekend is now in the books and it was pretty memorable. It felt like there was not much action even though we wound up getting 3 more deer in the hunting party history. I think that was because all I saw was a lone doe that I jumped going into my stand Monday evening, no shots fired. The weekend produced 2 bucks and one doe, each with some interesting memories created. The bucks made the memory list due to the fact that they were both extremely odd and the doe because of the sad story attached to it.

My uncle Mike shot this odd buck on Saturday morning to start off the strange weekend of hunting.

Odd Buck 1

Then on Sunday mid-afternoon Mike took his 6 or 7 year old son out for a little “Father/Son First Hunt” action and they came upon a doe that was bedded down. They were able to get pretty close to it before it jumped up and Mike shot her as well. Needless to say his son was nothing less than ecstatic about being with dad when he shot a deer, but the oddness just continued. When they approached the deer to gut it out and get it out of the woods, Mike noticed that apparently someone else had already shot this doe and it had been suffering for at least a couple of days with one of her front legs basically just hanging by some skin. It seems that someone wounded this doe in the leg and never found it. The leg was pretty nasty looking and the deer really stunk, almost as if it had started to rot while still alive. I’m sure the leg was badly infected and the deer was miserable, so without realizing it Mike had made a very humane and merciful kill and put a suffering animal out of it’s misery. When he went to skin the deer a couple days later(it was cold enough so that you could leave it hang for a day or two) he found that the whole front shoulder of this doe was very yellowish in color and looked like it was filled with puss. Interestingly enough it seems that whoever wounded it also wounded it in the guts because a big area of meat on her side was also yellow and bad. Poor animal, I hate to see things like that happen. I didn’t get any pictures of this because 1) I didn’t think of it and 2) I think it would have been a touch on the graphic side.

Anyhow, Sunday evening rolls around and produces the oddest buck I have ever seen in person. My cousin Jake shot this buck that evening, take a look. There are two pictures of it, one from each side of the head so you can see the strangeness.

Odd Buck 2

Odd Buck 3

I can’t help but wonder what happened to cause these two strange bucks to have such unique antlers…

Here’s hoping for a productive 2nd week of hunting for the rest of the party and a successful 3rd and final weekend for myself and the party as we close out the season. I will keep you posted on what happens, as it happens.


17 thoughts on “Whitetail Oddities

  1. Those are some really weird deer your family has shot. I think you might want to try to find out why that is happing to those bucks. I alomst had my first buch this year but the law in Missiour in frankilen county is that it must have 4 points on one side. So need less to say i dident get a buch or doe 1st or 2nd season but I am going to go out this weekend for doe only.But in looking for deer I found my very first 3 point deer shed! hope you dont get any more weird buck bye=)

  2. wow, you’re really mad!
    that’s legal murder, you damn motherfucker

    how can you be proud of something like that?
    YOU should get shot! Not good people like gandhi or martin luther king or john lennon

    You’re a real monster, many people think about you like that

    Ich hasse dich einfach nur, wie kann man nur so ein monster sein?
    (try to translate this)

  3. Wow, Sam,
    First off let me say that you are a real piece of work. Where to even start.

    My first thought is that I shouldn’t even dignify your extremely rude and ignorant comment, with a reply. Upon further thought I decided to reply.

    Although let me make it clear that if you want to post here, you serve yourself well to eliminate all of the swearing and just as importantly, those threats of you wanting me shot. If that ever happens again I will do everything in my power to see you placed under some sort of arrest or maybe even facing a harrassment suit for threats on my life.

    That being said, let me start my reply.
    First off-it’s not murder, it’s called deer hunting and yes it is perfectly and 100% legal. Always has been, always will be. Hunting is a skill that has been around since long before you or I, all the way back to the pre-historic neanderthal man times and as a newsflash for you, it’s not going anywhere.

    It always irritates me when someone like yourself, that thinks hunting is absolutely barbaric, has no problems with animals hunting each other for food. I would have to ask you how you feel about situations where say wolves go hunting for their food and they kill a deer. When I shoot a deer, it is over in a matter of seconds, with a single, well placed, clean shot from my rifle which results in a very quick, almost instant death for the animal. When wolves kill a deer for food, they literally start eating it while it is still alive, and as that deer screams and fights for it’s life, sometime for as much as 5 to 10 minutes, it is being torn and ripped apart by gnashing fangs.

    So don’t tell me about how hunting is just barbaric murder and how I am a monster because I shoot a deer. At least when I harvest an animal it is a very quick and basically instant death, compared when your beloved mother nature runs it’s course and an animal will suffer for minutes if not weeks before it is finally dead.

    Now to my next point, addressing your extremely ignorant and absolutely contradictory comment about how I should be shot, rather than the “good” people you have listed. First off let me say that I don’t believe that any of those people should have been shot and killed either. But to say that I am a monster, just like those that assassinated Lennon or Ghandi or anyone else for that matter, just because I hunt deer is really…well frankly…retarded. I kill an animal for food, I do not kill other people because I disagree with their beliefs.

    For the record, I honestly feel that the Whitetail Deer is one of the most amazing and majestic creatures I have ever spent time watching. For every deer I shoot, there are hundreds that I will simply observe and enjoy the sight of them, sometimes taking pictures so that I can enjoy their beauty anytime I like.

    Because of your comment saying that I should be shot because I hunt deer, like millions of others, makes you more of a monster than I will ever be. How can a person be so sick in the head to think that taking another human beings life is better than someone hunting a deer. You deserve to be locked up because it is crazy people like yourself that end up killing other innocent people just because they don’t agree on something. Go get some help before you hurt somebody.

    My other main point with all of this is simply this. If you don’t like hunting or despise the thought of someone else hunting all you have to do is quite looking at it. No one said you had to come to my tiny little website and read/view my pictures and posts about hunting. If you don’t like what you see, keep on moving and don’t come back here. Basically, if you don’t want to watch the show on TV, change the channel. No one is forcing my site on you, so just go to some other site that will fit your interests better. Simple as that.

    Lastly, your little german challenge at the end……..you are not some genius……You just assumed that since I enjoy hunting I must be an un-educated lout that has the IQ of a rock. You are wrong.
    The exact translation of what you said is as follows in quotes:
    “I hate you just how one can be only thus monster”
    Seems that your translation is a bit off, but the gist of it all is that you hate me and hate how one like myself could be such a monster.”

    Get a life and quite your whining. If nothing else, spend more time focusing on the things you enjoy instead of the things that you despise. If you do that you’ll find you enjoy life more and you won’t be irritating other people any more.

  4. I thank you both, Ronald and Jake, for your kind words of support! It’s nice to hear from people that actually can understand the way life is and don’t spend all of their time trying to put down others!

    I very much appreciate the comments and I hope you enjoy my site(s)!

    Oh, and for the record, our friend Sam there has not been brave enough to write back. I am just hoping it is because what I said maybe made a little bit of sense to him. It’s doubtfull, but one can hope right?

  5. The difference between an animal hunting and a human hunting, is that an animal will only hunt for food. Man seems to hunt for the pure “fun” of the sport, and for no other reason than wanting a pair of bones on a carcasses head to mount upon their wall.

    I’m not judging anyone – to each their own – but is this not exactly what the Japanese dolphin hunt is all about? Once humans get a taste of killing another, be it animal or fellow human, the person can either not live with themselves ever after or else feel a need to kill again, right or wrong.

  6. I stumbled upon this photo while looking for a photo of a “buck”. I have to say that I am very disturbed, not by the photo or the hunting, but by the ignorant comment by Sam. We all have a right to our beliefs but the hate posting is really going too far. The comment that you should be shot because you are a hunter is just ridiculous. Your reply was well worded and thought out so no need for me to add to that.

    I think Sam should worry more about the state of our environment and what toxins and pollutants could be causing deformities like those your deer had rather then the “meat is murder” aspect.

    Wondering if sam drives an car, uses batteries, paints his house, uses plastics, or any of the many other major causes of pollution? If you are you may be the one killing the deer.

  7. Sam is quite the interesting character. I am willing to bet that he has never enjoyed the peice and tranquility of watching whitetail in their true habitat while taking in a cold winter morning/evening. Hunting is not about being barbaric, its about doing that which makes us who we are. It has and will forever be in our instinct to be hunters. There seems to be more anger in his voice than Dave has ever had with a buck in his sights. Moreover, it is obvious that hunting brings forth a value that Sam has never had, Respect.

  8. Anne – you think animals do not hunt for the fun and thrill of the kill?
    That is a common misprecption that I for one get tired of hearing.
    There are several animals that kill for the thrill of the chase, among others check out various members of the feline and canine families. And no, I do not mean our domestic cats and dogs.

    Also Dave well said reply to Sam.

  9. I also hunt and believe that you are intitled to your own opinion but I will give props to Dave for backing up his story and that is true that a deer or any animal if shot humanly the animal wont suffer at all. In fact if you shoot a deer lets say and it runs but the shot was lethal, the deer is actually “running dead” or if you see it kick after the shot, it is actually nerves and adreniline still in the body. The same would happen to a human if it were shot, you would still move and would try and run but would be dead… all in all there is a human way to hunt and a wrong way to hunt. Those who hunt for pride and meat (gatherer) are the true hunters, but those who hunt for sport and could care less about the animal, only for a trophy should not hunt.

    I hunt and dont get me wrong i get upset when people judge us as killers, but there is two basic ways to hunt, the good and bad way as described. Good luck to all and take er’ easy! Anyone can reach me at degrca15@baycollege.edu

  10. I’ll bet Uncle Mike and his nephew have never taken a decent buck…Actually they are killing 12 pointers and huge deer with massive non-typical antlers…but the stupid turkeys are killing them 4 years TOO soon…They probably shoot every antlered legal deer they see…THIS IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HUNTERS AND KILLERS!!! I hate it…have preached on letting the puppies walk for years but there seems to be way too many of the quick trigger “I GOT ME A BUCK” types that have no idea what they are missing…Trust me…You get a hell of a lot more meat off of a mature animal as well…It’s good stuff too!!

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