Photo Hunting

Sunday evening it had started to snow and by Monday there was a nice blanket of snow covering everything outdoors. I took an opportunity between hunts on Monday to get out and get some great pictures of a snow covered northland. Here is one that was taken at a river not far from my parents house. It is a bunch of foam/river sludge that had built up on some ice that had formed in the river.

Dirty River Ice

I have a whole bunch of new pictures that I need to get up on my Photography Page as well and I plan on getting that done before this weekend. I am seriously considering getting set up with a Flickr account however and if I do that it may delay the posting of the new pictures while I get everything set up and all of the previous images uploaded to the new Flickr site. I will keep you updated on that process as it/if it happens.


One thought on “Photo Hunting

  1. Welcome to Hunting Advice
    Hunting game for food, clothing and shelter is a big part of the story of the human race. It predates the human civilization we know today in many ways.

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