Sunday Morning Success

Well, another brief update on this years hunt. Sunday morning I was sitting in my stand and at about 7:45 am I spotted this buck at about 150 yards or so. I watched him come towards me for about 5 minutes and finally he turned broadside, facing left, and offered me a shot just before he was about to disappear again into the woods. I took aim and fired. Just one shot and he dropped in his tracks, so it was a good clean kill. We found out when we gutted him that I took out both lungs and the heart, so I have to say it was probably one of the most perfect shots you could make. He isn’t the big boss buck I missed last year and am after this year, but he is a nice little buck. Here he is…

6 point buck

The success doesn’t end there though. Because we are fortunate to be able to get the bonus management tag this year I was able to take a small doe roughly 20 minutes after I shot this buck. I shot the buck at about 7:50 am and the doe came out only about 25 yards away from me to my left only about 5 minutes later. I waited and watched this doe to see if there were any bucks following, but there were not, so I decided to take this one also. Finally at about 8:10 am the doe turned to its left at maybe 80 yards and offered up a nice broadside shot, so I fired and again just the one shot dropped it in its tracks. This time I took out both lungs and just missed the heart by about an inch. Needless to say it was another clean kill. Overall it was a good sunday for me.

My uncle Donny shot a nice 8 point buck Sunday evening as well and from what I hear from my Dad today, my cousin Matt shot a small doe this evening. Apparently he got off of the school bus after school and there it was right in his parents field. He ran inside, grabbed his gun and the rest as they say is history.

The bottom line tally for the party this season so far is 2 bucks and 2 does. Things are starting to pick up a little it seems. I won’t be hunting till this saturday so unless someone else shoots something I won’t have any other hunting updates till then.



4 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Success

  1. That is the saddest picture I’ve ever seen… almost worse than the buck that was crawling across Arrowhead Rd last year in Duluth! Couldn’t you have tucked his tongue in before taking the picture at least???

  2. haha, yeah I noticed the tongue after we took the pictures and got it back to the house…I would have tucked it in had I noticed it.
    But what is sad about the picture? It is just a nice little 6 point buck I was lucky enough to spot and shoot. That is what hunting is all about, hunting an awesome animal like the deer.

    If it makes you feel any better, I am pretty sure this deer never even knew what hit it and probably never felt anything either. It was a very clean shot and it dropped immediately.

  3. It’s sad in two ways: 1, because it’s a dead animal and I feel bad for it and 2, because I’m getting sappy enough to actually be sad about this…

  4. Pretty cool, thats the way they always look when they are dead! I shot a buck and a doe in 2007 within ten minutes of each one. The doe came through first I shot her and watched her go towards the levy then he came through and I dropped him. It was great!

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