Just a quick update

In response to April’s question….nope, nobody shot anything. Kind of strange for an opening day. Usually at least someone gets some shooting, but not today. Didn’t really seem like anyone got much today. I had to come back into town this afternoon quick and on the whole trip I only saw one deer in the back of a truck and no one at any gas stations registering any either…must have just been a quiet day overall. Not even that many shots heard.

The tally is as follows-

Grandpa saw a doe and a fawn this morning and let them go, then saw a doe this afternoon while on his way to his stand.

Jessie saw just a flash of a deer this morning, but not enough to hardly see it was there.

Jake saw two does tonight and let them go.

I saw on deer way off in the distance as I was getting in my stand this afternoon. All I could see was a lazy white tail bouncing from side to side trotting away from me.

Hopefully tomorrow is a little better!


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