The hour draws near

It is friday evening, and we are now only hours away from the Minnesota Deer Hunting Firearm Season Opener. For that reason you may not see a whole lot from me posted here till sometime next week as I will be hopefully busy shooting something like this….

9 Point Light

This is an image I found on a great site called This is not my photography, although I wish it was. What a great picture, but anyways I strongly recommend you check out thier site for some fantastic Whitetail Deer Images!

I am hoping that I have seen enough of these this fall so that now that the season is here I can see some bucks instead!

Doe’s and Fawn’s

I was able to capture a whole bunch of pretty good pictures of this group of 10 or so Doe’s and Fawn’s. They let me get to within about 15 yards of them at one point which was sort of cool.

Anyhow, I am off to go meet up with my wife for a little bit and then it is back home and to bed. It is going to be an early morning tomorrow!

See you after the hunt and I will try to post anything interesting that happens from the weekend as soon as I can.

Good luck to all fellow hunter’s out there and be safe!


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