I know I haven’t had anything new up here in a little while and I apologize. I have had what I am referring to as an “Emotional Rollercoaster Weekend” and things have been a little crazy.  To sum it up briefly there was a funeral, then a fun evening out with some friends, then a going away party the next day that was lots of fun but very sad at the same time, and the next day brought about news of a close friend of my wife’s family that had passed away at much too young of an age mixed in with some good relaxing quality time with family, church and even a nice hour and a half of some great picture taking. So all in all it was kind of a rough weekend with a few shining moments that were very enjoyable, especially since they were surrounded by sadness and grief. But we made it through because that’s all you can do, right?

Anyhow, I will have a handful of pictures up on my photography site within the next day or two. I will also have a couple more post’s coming involving some pictures I took, some football talk maybe and possibly just a few random droplets of my thoughts on a few topics to round things out nicely.

In the meantime take a look at this picture taken today while out visiting my family. It is a toy my nephew had sitting on the table and my brother-in-law pointed out a small ironic feature of the toy. I will leave it up to you to decide what it is, so give me your thoughts!

Ironic Toy

*Here is a hint-Nice outfit, huh?


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