Interesting news articles seen today

Article one today is in the “strange research” category and the headline reads as follows. “Study: Fat, boozing mice stay healthy” It tells us about how obese mice have been fed “huge” quantities of red wine extract and are staying healthy, living just as long as younger healthy mice. I heard this reported on my favorite news-talk radio program, Garage Logic. I found the story on-line at Read more here Study: Fat, boozing mice stay healthy

In the next article courtesy of, we find that there is indeed a pumpkin fairy and it struck a small Colorado town Monday night. Read more here Colorado town awakes to pumpkins aplenty

In the final article I read about a new worldwide sexual behavior study. The article was in a local paper but I couldn’t find the story on their website, but found it on-line at google news. I read it this morning while I was getting my brakes repaired on my car. The google news article is found here World sex survey reveals suprises


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