Woodland Treasures, once lost now found….

I know some of you have been waiting to see what exactly it was that I found while out in the woods. I hope the hype isn’t going to out-do the actual item. I know for me it won’t, but then again I know what I found don’t I? 😉

While scouting out an some hunting area with my Dad the other day we saw tons of deer sign and I was fortunate enough to find this!

Antler Shed 1

I was pretty excited about this because in all of my years hunting and exploring the outdoors I had never actually found an antler shed. I had been with uncle’s when they had found them, but never actually had the honor myself. The sort of wierd thing is that maybe 15 minutes before I found it I had told my dad that it would be cool to find a shed from one of two other bucks in the area. Well I know this didn’t belong to either of them, so that means that a 3rd buck has been in the area. Things look good for the upcoming season.

Well, there is more to this story. Yesterday my Dad and I were out again scouting in some different area’s and getting ready for the season. As if the joy of the previous day’s treasure wasn’t enough, I found these.

Antler Shed 2

That’s right. I found another shed. Only this was a full pair. Apparently this deer went bald all at once. These two were found within a foot of each other and they are considerably larger than the first shed I found the day before. More good sign for the upcoming season.

Here is a comparison of the size difference in the two finds.

Antler Shed Comparison

The best part about it all is that I almost wasn’t the one to find either of these sets. I was following behind my Dad both times and he was so busy looking for scrapes and rubs that he never saw either one of them. I should buy a lottery ticket maybe, it seems I have some luck at the moment!

Here is one more shot of the larger set. I had my nephew Caleb help me a little with this shot. Afterall, why wouldn’t I have the coolest kid I know help me take pictures of one of the coolest things I’ve found!

Caleb and Antlers

So that’s it…the big mystery is revealed! I have some more pictures of these Antler Sheds, some deer and a couple of scenic shots that are going up on my photo page, so head over there and check those out too!



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