Is Target sending the right message?

The other day I came across a strange pairing of shelf items while in our local Target Store. I snapped this picture just so that I could share the strange-ness with all of you.


As I studied this little oddity, both in the store and after I left, I can come up with only 3 possible conclusions.

1. I guess I don’t know anything about what an expecting mother needs.

2. I wish I was an Expecting Mother so that I could eat all the Cheez-It’s I wanted and have it be looked upon as me “eating well”. Which brings me to my next theory to solve this dilema….

3. If Cheez-It’s are considered “Eating Well for the Expectant Mother”, then logically they must be considered a good choice for eating well even when you are not an expecting mother.  I always knew that people were lying to me when they told me that things like Cheez-Its were just junk food. Hah! I guess this picture and the local Target proved all of you wrong!


One thought on “Is Target sending the right message?

  1. Maybe an expecting mother had a change of conscience when she read the book and felt that she could live, if not longer, for just one more day without the wholesome goodness of the consumer-favorite cheesy snack- Cheez-Its. It would take more than a book to turn my palette from the scrumptious flaky squares of delightful cheddar heaven.

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