Pouring rain, No problem


This afternoon I decided I was going to go watch over a big clear-cut in our hunting grounds again just to see if any deer would be out and about. Call it a “practice-hunt” if you will. I got much more than I bargained for, including waterlogged.

You really going out in this weather? Yep. But it’s raining pretty hard. I know.

That is the general idea of a couple conversations I had this afternoon before I hopped on Dad’s 4-wheeler and headed out on my “practice hunt”.  Sure I knew I would get wet, after all it was drizzling pretty steady. That is until I got out to the clear-cut and got settled in to watch for any deer that may be moving. At this point it stopped drizzling and started to pour. But it wasn’t cold, so no big deal.  After all, I had high hopes of seeing a few deer since I watched 2 in this same spot yesterday for about 2 hours or so and I also jumped one up on the ride out there today.

So I stuck it out…for all of about 15 minutes. At which point the real fun began. I decided I would just slowly cover ground on the 4-wheeler and check out a few of the other clearings nearby that were ATV accessible. I’m glad I did. In the roughly 3 hours spent out in the pouring rain I managed to spot a grand total of 11 deer, some of which I was literally able to sit and watch for about 5 minutes from only 10-15 feet away. They didn’t seem to mind me just sitting there watching them eat, so I took full advantage. The only downside is that it was raining so hard I kept the camera packed safely away in a nice dry place in a backpack, which was placed inside the storage box on the back of the 4-wheeler. Sadly I was unable to get any pictures to share with you, I hope you can forgive me. I also spotted two grouse that must have been feeling lazy because they made very little attempt to fly away, or for that matter run away, as I pulled right up next to them.

Even though it was pouring rain, I was totally soaked and it was getting cooler as the evening progressed to nightfall, I really truly enjoyed myself on this little excursion. The conditions were perfectly miserable, but I honestly didn’t mind them. I spent time outdoors and was rewarded seeing a bunch of deer all well within the hunting area and I was able to enjoy the peace and quiet that only comes when it is raining in the woods. The only sounds are a few birds and squirrels here and there, the steady patter of rainfall and the breeze gusting every now and then. Oh and the steady putter of the 4-wheeler, but I sort of tune that out I guess. What really kind of topped it off was towards the home stretch of the ride the breeze had brought me the comforting smell of a wood stove which was just the perfect end to the afternoon’s ride. In a way it sort of signaled the end of the ride by reminding me that I was soaking wet and there was a nice warm house nearby where I could dry off and relax. Although it ended up being a nice warm car and a half hour drive home before I could dry off and relax, but hey, who’s keeping track of the details, right?


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