Nighttime Adventures Around Town


This is a shot of our bustling main street on a Sunday evening. In fact this is one of two main streets in the town I live in, this being Howard Street and the other being First Avenue. They link up at the far end of this picture, somewhere past where you can see that is.

While posting this an idea is beginning to form for a little photo journey I may put together. Maybe I will call it something blatantly obvious like “Around Town” and try to capture a “slice of life” , if you will, of not only the town I live in but of the surrounding communities as well. I will probably stick with things like the business areas, schools, churches, parks, etc….basically anything I find interesting.

Feel free to send me any ideas or suggestions on locations I should try to capture on film, well digital film I guess!


3 thoughts on “Nighttime Adventures Around Town

  1. That’s not what I heard…I really like the picture, though. You should submit it to the city for their website. You might get a little spending cash or something. Maybe a free Bob Dylan t-shirt (I wear XL if you don’t want it)!

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