Outrage at Outback!

Last night Omega and I were with a close friend at Outback Steakhouse to celebrate our friends Birthday. Overall it was a great relaxing evening that involved a little shopping, some time spent in one of my favorite stores, Barnes and Noble, and then we decided to partake in the tasty goodness that is Outback Steakhouse. Anyhow, we get there only to find that there is about an hour long wait, so we said sounds good and we waited.

The wait itself was pretty uneventful until a young teenage bozo decided to knock a tray over and spill a drink all over, which ended up splattering the legs of my pants. That made me a little upset, but I think what made it worse was the fact that he just stood there and laughed and then walked away. I admit I was letting myself get pretty upset about it, as was our friend. But just a little while later I would learn a little lesson that would put things back into perspective for me.  All in all our wait was about an hour and fifteen to twenty minutes, but hey we were hungry for Outback!

During dinner it really sunk in how many miserable people there were in that restaurant. One table near us spent the entire meal complaining about anything and everything, yet they suspiciously finished every scrap of food on the table. My opinion, they just wanted some free or at least discounted food and they thought that if they complained enough the meal would be taken care of. I hope it wasn’t.

Meanwhile at the table right next to us there were some older folks dining and I heard one of the stupidest comments of the night. I really wanted to say something but Omega said that would be rude…so I didn’t. You see, this particular Outback Steakhouse has only been open for about a month and a half so of course they are extra busy because it is brand new. Well the one lady at the table was going off on a big rant about how everyone always has to come to the “new” places and as soon as something new comes in everyone has to flock there and they stop going to any of the existing places. I mean she was genuinely upset that people actually had the nerve to come to the new Outback instead of going to one of the other establishments in the area. I wanted to turn around in the worst way and just ask the simple question of her “Ma’am, why are you here tonight then instead of at one of the other restaurants?” Honestly that women and her friends sitting there and getting mad about something like that really kind of made my night. It put me in a really good mood and made me laugh.

Needless to say, I never actually turned and asked her the question I wanted to. I did, however, manage to tell Omega what was going on and then proceed to speak in a nice loud and clear voice about how I just couldn’t understand why everyone else felt like they had to come to the new Outback instead of staying home or going someplace else. I don’t know if they heard me or even picked up on the fact that I was sort of mocking them, but the folks at the table seemed to stop complaining after that. Maybe I did my good deed in a round about way and showed them how foolish it was to complain about something stupid like that…who knows, but I had fun.

Moral of the story is this. When you find yourself upset about something and getting mad about things, take a few minutes to just listen to other people around you. If there is no one around just take a moment and remember times like this Outback scene and think to yourself…”Do I sound as foolish as they do?” Chances are you do and that is all it takes to realize that most likely whatever you are upset about is really not worth being upset over. You don’t want to sound like a fool do you???


3 thoughts on “Outrage at Outback!

  1. That would have been funny. I could have easily lied and said it was mine and he would have either bought me a new drink or gave me money for one, but the old conscience kicked in and honesty won that battle.

  2. I would have told him there was 2 ways he was going to walk out of there: either he could get pounded or he would have to lick it off your pants. Curious to see which he would have chosen.

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